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Springfield Development Code — July 8

For well over a year Springfield staff have been working on a comprehensive update to the City’s Land Development Code, which regulates all development in the City. during that time the Legislative Assembly has passed a number of new laws, particularly HB 2001 in 2019, which have made significant changes in how local jurisdictions can regulate development. On June 7, 2021, the Springfield City Council released a draft of the proposed update for public comment.:

Mark Rust, AICP, Interim Current Planning Supervisor and the project manager for the City’s development code update project will join us to provide an update on the ongoing progress being made and information about the community engagement steps that have just kicked off for the code update project. This code update is a City Council priority project and is critical to reducing development barriers, encouraging a variety of housing options for all income levels, and making development decisions, predictable, fair, and cost-effective.

Mark Rust has been working for the City of Springfield for the last four years and is the Interim Current Planning Supervisor as well as the project manager for the Springfield Development Code Update Project.

Mr. Rust has worked in the land use and development field for over 20 years both within the public and private sectors.  He has a background in civil engineering and has extensive experience with Oregon land use planning. He has also served on multiple statewide committees including for the new Middle Housing legislation (HB 2001 and 2003).Mr. Rust is a lifelong Oregonian, growing up in Eugene, he has lived in a handful of cities throughout Oregon.


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