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March 14

At the Edge of Climate Tipping Points: The Judicial Role in Climate Recovery

Dr. Mary Christina Wood and Coreal Riday-White are both involved in the “Climate Kids Trial,” which seeks to force the federal government to take action to reduce carbon emissions under an expanded version of an established legal principle: the public trust doctrine.  The “Climate Kids Trial” is being heard in federal District Court in Eugene and is fiercely opposed by the Trump administration. We will hear what has happened so far, what to expect, and why this matters so much.

Dr. Wood is a Philip H. Knight Professor of Law at the University of Oregon and Faculty Director of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Center. She is also co-author of Nature’s Trust: Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age, which sets forth a new paradigm of global ecological responsibility.  Dr. Wood originated the legal approach called “Atmospheric Trust Litigation” now being used in cases brought on behalf of youth throughout the world, and central to the Climate Kids litigation.

Coreal Riday-White is the Community Engagement Manager for Our Children’s Trust, which supports the Climate Kids litigation.  Mr. Riday-White earned a B.A. in Community Studies from USC – Santa Cruz and a J.D. from the City University of New York, School of Law

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