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December 19 — Managing The Oregon And California Forest Lands

December 19 — Managing the Oregon and California Forest Lands

For many years, counties in Oregon received significant revenue
from the federal government on account of lands owned by the federal government
and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This money was considered
compensation for the fact that a large amount of timber land was not subject to
property taxes. These lands (the Oregon & California Forest, have been the
subject of controversy, particularly since the federal payments have essential
disappeared. Chris Cadwell a retired forester who served for 33 years with the
Bureau of Land Management, will discuss the history of this forest, how the
lands are now managed by BLM and how management of the forest can provide a broad
range of benefits for rural communities in Oregon.

Mr. Cadwell is now a staff consultant with the Association of O&C Counties and represented AOCC
during the development of the current BLM Resource Management Plan. A resident
of Springfield, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from
Humboldt State University and tends his own small forest plot in the McKenzie


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