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September 12 Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission — Who?

Mention to residents the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission ( or MWMC), and you frequently get a blank stare. It's the unknown agency that is critical to the livability of the Springfield-Eugene Metropolitan area, because it collects, treats, cleans and disposes of all of the wastewater generated by toilets, bathtubs, sinks and industrial processes throughout the local area A generation old example of regional cooperation, it operates in the background to protect citizens and the environment. Staff from the Commission will discuss the role it plays in community livability on September 12..

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September 19 — Landlord Tenant Relations

Governor Brown has signed SB 608, which makes significant changes to landlord/tenant relations. Eviction of tenants without cause is restricted in many cases, and rent increases are limited by statute to seven percent above changes in the CPI. John van Landingham and Jim Straub will discuss the changes and how they may affect the rental market.

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