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September 12 Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission — Who?

Mention to residents the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission ( or MWMC), and you frequently get a blank stare. It's the unknown agency that is critical to the livability of the Springfield-Eugene Metropolitan area, because it collects, treats, cleans and disposes of all of the wastewater generated by toilets, bathtubs, sinks and industrial processes throughout the local area A generation old example of regional cooperation, it operates in the background to protect citizens and the environment. Staff from the Commission will discuss the role it plays in community livability on September 12..

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September 19 — Landlord Tenant Relations

Governor Brown has signed SB 608, which makes significant changes to landlord/tenant relations. Eviction of tenants without cause is restricted in many cases, and rent increases are limited by statute to seven percent above changes in the CPI. John van Landingham and Jim Straub will discuss the changes and how they may affect the rental market.

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August 1 Sustaining the non-profit effort

The massive changes to federal tax law enacted by the Congress in 2017 have had many effects, both good and bad. One effect that man y had predicted, but few looked forward to, was the seriously adverse impact on non-profit organizations. Changes to the income tax reduced, in many cases, the tax benefits of charitable contributions and, as a result, non-profit organizations entered a time of pronged struggle as they tried to keep their finances secure. On August 1, Terry McDonald, of St. Vincent DePaul, will discuss a model for how a non-profit organization can become and remain sustainable in the new trax environment.

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August 22 Peter DeFazio

As a result of the 2018 elections, Representative Peter DeFazio, a Springfield resident, has become chair of the powerful House Transportation Committee. Always a vigorous advocate for transportation issues, and particularly for Oregon and his district, Mr. DeFzaio will discuss what has been one of the most fractious sessions of the Congress on August 22.

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May 2

Three seats on the Springfield School Board are up for election on May 21. All are contested. Laurie Adams and Todd Mann are running for Position 1; Naomi Raven and Jessica Adams are running for Position 4; and Michelle R. Webber and Karen Hunter are running for Position 5. City Club has invited all candidates to come to the May 2 meeting and explain their views and how they will continue to improve Springfield Schools. City Club hosted a candidate forum on May 2. The audio of the forum is available on the Springfield City Club Facebook page. Her we include profiles of each of the candidates. ¬†Position 1 Laurie Adams Professionally, Laurie has been a realtor and an insurance agent for more than 30 years. She previously served on the Springfield Board of Education from 1985 to 1997. Laurie was re-appointed on July 15, 2002, and elected to that position in the spring of 2003. Her current term runs through June 30, 2019. Laurie is passionate about kids, especially her granddaughters, and she loves Springfield.   Todd Mann was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon. Like many children in Springfield, Todd was challenged at home with many hardships including…

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