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Springfield City Club

Springfield City Club regularly holds programs on the first and third Thursday of each month (although there may be occasional adjustments). All programs are open to the public. Admission is free for members. There is a suggested donation of $5 for non-members. No need to register in advance. Just show up. The Hilton Garden Inn always offers a lunch for $13.

Current Programs

September 19 — Landlord Tenant Relations

The 2019 session of the Legislative Assembly approved SB 608, which has been signed by the Governor. The bill makes several changes in existing landlord/tenant relationships. In general, it eliminates the ability to evict tenants without cause after twelve months of tenancy, except in limited situations, and it limits the amount by which a landlord may increase rents. On September 19, two experts in landlord/tenant relationships will discuss the impact…

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Future Programs

Land use changes

The last Legislative Assembly approved House Bill 2001, which makes several changes to local land use law, in many case requiring that cities allow certain multifamily dwellings in zones that…

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